David and Amy Hardy Testimonial

What a joy to work with Marilyn. I did not know her before contacting her for help, and now that she has sold my home, I and my family have gained a great friend. Very professional, who always answered my call or called right back when she was with other clients. Marilyn knows how to market property in Hollister and was great the entire process from start to end. Highly recommended with 5 Stars!
Thanks again!

Mitchell Testimonial

Marilyn Ferreira is undoubtedly the matriarch of professional real estate agents in San Benito County. My wife and I have had the privilege of knowing Marilyn for over 25 years and I make this statement without any reservations whatsoever.
We first had the pleasure of meeting Marilyn in the early 90's when we were moving to Hollister from Dallas and she essentially took us in and treated us like family from the get go. Marilyn first placed us in a lovely rental home in Cielo Vista for several years. Then, when my parents retired from Florida and moved out here, Marilyn actually found us a brand new just built rental home in the new section of Ridgemark with an attached granny unit apartment that was perfect for my retiring parents. Thanks, Marilyn!
Years later, after we had purchased a Ridgemark home and wanted to sell so as to move up to what ended up being our dream home in Stonegate, we listed the Ridgemark home with Marilyn and she brought us a full price offer in less than a week. Marilyn just gets it done!
Marilyn has also introduced us to investing in commercial NNN income properties in a number of states. I don't know if we will ever retire, but if we ever do it's nice to know that we'll be financially secure having followed Marilyn's investment advice over the years.
More recently, my parents bought one of Marilyn's listings on Dry Creek Road and they too were very pleased with their home purchase experience with Marilyn. Not just my family, but literally everyone I know in San Benito County thinks Marilyn is the best!
Tab Mitchell

Breen Testimonial

We are grateful for your dedication, professionalism, and friendship, it was invaluable to us during our recent purchase of a new home. We fell fortunate to have had your guidance, and we are so happy with the move.
Phyllis and the rest of your staff were also invaluable, and we enjoyed working with them.
We look forward to being here for a while, but we also look forward to working with you again.
Thank you for all you did to help us realize our dream.
- Chris, Paul, Thomas, James

Brown Testimonial

Dear Marilyn,
Recently, you listed our home in Hollister, which you found for us 5 years ago, when we moved from Santa Clara County. At that time, when I inquired about real estate agents in Hollister, one name came up repeatedly - Marilyn Ferreira.
Over the past couple of weekends, I have started to look around at open houses to see what is available from Los Altos to Gilroy. In the course of conversations with the listing agents at different properties, the initial question is inevitably "Have you listed your home yet?" I would reply yes and say our home is listed with Marilyn Ferreira. Over 20 different agents from 10 different real estate firms either knew you personally or knew your name. The common thread in their comments was, "She is Mrs. Hollister! - You got the BEST. - Marilyn is ethical, knowledgeable, and professional and know the real estate market."
What a testament to your career to be held in such high esteem and regard by your peers and associates. Not only are you a legend in San Benito County, you are also a legend in Santa Clara County. I guess the point is whether buying or selling any real estate, there in only one name you need to know - Marilyn Ferreira.
Chris and I know we have made the right decision again by choosing you to represent us.
Debbie Brown

Fernandez Testimonial

Dear Marilyn,
The letter is written to express our sincere appreciation to you for your years of outstanding performance as our real estate agent. Since relocating to Hollister over twelve years ago, you were recommended as the best agent to have. We took peoples' advice and now we recommend you to anyone wanting to buy or sell a house in and around San Benito County.
Over these past years, we have bought and sold four homes in Hollister. Each time you have been our listing agent or buying agent. You have provided us with the necessary information to increase our home's value every time we have sold. On the reverse side when buying another home, you have directed us toward properties with potential that have always increased substantially in value.
Because of you, we have gone from owning homes that were first worth a couple of hundred thousand to over a million and a half dollars. We feel our prosperity is all due to your knowledge, skills and ability to predict the market and counsel us on our options.
Accordingly, not only have you been the best agent we could have found but also a true friend. Anyone would be fortunate to have you as their agent because you make them feel like family.
Paul and Kim Fernandez

Holden Testimonial

Dear Marilyn,
How do I thank you for everything you have done for me. You have worked so tirelessly helping me find a home. In the year and a half I worked with you, you always maintained a positive attitude. We must have looked at 50+ houses and made at least 30 offer. We had made an offer on a "short sale" I thought was going to work, when an usually low appraisal knocked it out of the running. I was about to give up when you found the perfect property. Thankfully, this one was not a short sale and closed within 30 days. At first I was worried that is was going to be difficult to find a Tenant for the small house that came with the property. You helped me with that aspect, and found a Tenant.
When ever I told people you were my Realtor, they reply was always the same "she's the best". If anyone at anytime is looking for a Realtor, I too will tell them to go to Marilyn, she's the best. You are my hero and I will forever consider you a friend.
Best Wishes,
Bev Holden

Jackson Testimonial

Marilyn is by far the best real estate agent we have ever had an we have bought and sold 5 houses. She is very professional, yet thoughtful and very kind. She is also the most experienced real estate agent we have dealt with and knows exactly what to do without any questions. She is also knows and deals with many professionals in the area who can help her clients when it comes to house problems, etc. She has saved us many times. I would highly recommend her!
- Mark and Julie Jackson

Slater Testimonial

Dear Marilyn,
Thank you so much for the sweetest gift I think we have EVER received. The measuring spoons are so thoughtful. I can't wait to have a special place in our new kitchen for them. You have done more than just be our real estate agent. You have been a friend with sound advice always looking out for our best interest. You have willingly worked solely for our benefit without a moments concern for your own. We appreciate everything you have done on our behalf and we Thank You!
- Susie and Sam
...someone once said, "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." You are one of our TREASURES!


Dear Marilyn,
Thank you so much for sending me certified copies of my escrow documents. That is very thoughtful of you. Please never retire because you are the rock upon which Intero rests. They broke the mold when they made you and you are the best real estate professional I ever met.

Thank you for everything. It means a lot.
~ anonymous

Bob Yant Testimonial

Dear Marilyn and Renee,
Thank you for the excellent job that you did in selling my mom's condominium. Your professionalism caused the whole process to go easily ad quickly. Your personal touch helped us with some of the smallest details in sorting out our mother's personal items.

For the past 40 years, Ann and I have been making regular, periodic trips to Hollister. During our visits to Hollister, I would always have long discussions with my dad about business and people who lived in Hollister. During those discussions, Marilyn's name would be mentioned, always in a very glowing and positive way by my dad.

When our mother passed away, there was no doubt as to whom I was going to call about selling or renting her condominium.

It is amazing that our mother passed away on May 1st and by August 10th the funds for the sale of the condominium had been disbursed. During that time the condominium had been completely cleaned out, new carpet was installed, flooring was replaced and the interior of the condo was completely repainted. The condo was listed for sale and a buyer who made a bid above the listing price was chosen. The escrow went smoothly and without a hitch.

My very best wishes to both of you.

With gratitude,